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Faculty Guest Blogger: Christine MEdley

Christine Medley: Over the summer I decided to take my very first class at Marywood. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity as I always wanted to try batik. Most people think of it as tie-dye but it’s much more of an art form that dunking a t-shirt in some dye. Batik is an ancient art form using a wax-resist process of dyeing fabric. Indonesian batik is probably the best known for its patterns and quality of workmanship.

The class was taught by Eva Polizzi, who teaches many of our textile-based classes. She had so many wonderful examples of the process and showed us a variety of techniques so we could practice with different tools and on a variety of fabrics. We first stamped wax designs on to fabric using mostly found metal and wood tools. Everything from cookie cutters to blocks from my letterpress…

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The Workshop

Where Creativity Works

With classes and extracurriculars filling up our schedules as college students, it’s sometimes hard to go out of our way to visit a gallery or go to a museum, especially when we have projects and assignments bearing down on us. In these last few hectic weeks before finals it’s especially difficult to find time to leave campus to do these kinds of activities.

In my Advanced Typography class, we were offered the opportunity to utilize The Workshop, a letterpress shop in downtown Scranton, to create our zines. I had never been before and I was interested to see what it would be like. I’d never done letterpress work but I had seen the work of others and I loved the stencil-like look of the letters and the way you could fit the letters together to form words in any position you wanted to.

Upon entering the letterpress studio, I was…

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Where Creativity Works

These past couple weeks I have been learning all about how to use a letterpress machine in my Advanced Typography class, and it has been quite an adventure. We got to go down to my professor Chris Medley‘s shop, The Workshop, here in downtown Scranton, and use her letterpress and type to make some cool art. I already was a huge fan of typography, so I was very excited to go. I ended up making some cool coasters for my apartment and a couple cool prints on cardstock during the week!

I never realized how complex the process was to make a print, and although I am nowhere near being a pro at it I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. You think it would be simple to stamp the designs and line up all the pieces you want no problem, but it…

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This Old Press

Donated to The Workshop last summer by Jack Welsch of Roaring Brook Township, this over 100-year-old Damon & Peets 9 x 13 press is up and running again. A team of friends and letterpress enthusiasts help dismantle, move, clean and assemble the 1200+ lb. press at its new home on 334 Adams Ave. Scranton.

This little bit of history I have on the press comes from Jack and some online letterpress archive research. His father had a printing business and this was purchased near Thompson, Pa as a second press. Jack started printing on it 50 years ago and printed part-time on it to support his family early on. The press and four cabinets of metal and wood type along with lots of accessories were in his basement for at least 25 years untouched—except by a few nesting mice. Jack generously donated the entire basement print shop to The Workshop as he has retired and moved out to Arizona. After looking through lockups and image cuts, most of the “recent” work, as in 25 years ago, looked to be for a Moscow church.

As for the press itself, I had not heard of a Damon & Peets press so after some online research, I found out they came out of New York and in business from the late 1800s to 1911, when they were then bought out by Golding. Damon & Peets and a Golding presses are of the same design. The press was missing a treadle but I was able to locate one down by Lancaster from Bindery Tools. They came up and installed it in 15 minutes. The rollers that came with the press are at least 50 years old and still work! Must have had the right storage conditions as they didn’t dry out.

Enjoy the photo gallery from Jack’s basement to the Workshop and to the first test print made on our “new” old press.

(A big thanks to all my helpers, Cole Hastings, Frank Kulas Jr., Paul Van Atta, Melissa Wollmering, Gary Irwin, Chris Stine, Mitch Frear and Eric Lansberry. And of course the biggest thanks to Jack Welsch for his generosity.)

Window Painting Project for Scrantonmade Holiday Market at the Globe

The annual ScrantonMade Holiday Market is being held at the old Globe department store famed for its holiday displays and Santa in downtown Scranton. The old Globe store, closed since the early 90s, spans the block from Wyoming Ave. to Penn Ave.  As part of the ScrantonMade Holiday Market design team, I was tasked to paint 6 large display windows and the Penn Ave. entrance. I assembled a top notch team of graphic design students and another design faculty member from Marywood University to tackle the big project.

Not having painted windows before, I did some research and found that doing it on the outside is the best for visibility and to use Dick Blick student grade tempera as the consistency and opaqueness works well plus it’s easy to clean off as opposed to acrylic or latex paint. The only downside is it’s not waterproof in a downpour. So we are spraying it will fixative and trying out Aquanet weatherproof hairspray too. The test will be this coming weekend as we are forecast with some rain and snow. It only needs to hold up until Dec. 4th! Fingers crossed! I’ll post more photos as we finish.

Update: tempera and fixative hold well up to the elements. Aquanet hairspray is too watery and not a fine mist when spraying on.

Designers: Chris Medley, John Meza, Emmaneul Adjei, Jake Santos, Katlynn Whitaker, Gabby Creazzo, and Rachel Hines.

My Spring/Summer Exhibits

2nd Annual Pocono Art Collage

Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus
June 13-Sept. 2
Reception: June 23, 5-7 p.m.

sand mosaic

Juried Art Exhibition: Water Views
June 3rd – August 13th

Tioga Historical Museum
Owega, NY

  • June 3rd– Opening of the Juried Art Exhibit
  • June 7th– Jurors Visit and Award Decision
  • June 18th– Owego’s Strawberry Festival and the Juried Art Show’s Popular Choice Vote
  • June 30th– Reception & Awards Ceremony (Invitation to follow)
  • August 13th– Exhibit Closes

Two photographs were juried in for this exhibit:




April 2016
18 North 7th St., Stroudsburg, PA

sand mosaic

Poconos Arts Council member show:

2nd place Photography

sand and sea

Exhibition 2016, May 9-30
18 North 7th St., Stroudsburg, PA
This work is now on exhibit at the Monroe County Public Library until July 31st.




A Night of Silver–AAF NEPA Silver Medal honor and Addy

Silver Medal IMG_0545IMG_0550

I am deeply honored to have been awarded the Silver Medal in advertising by the AAF NEPA  at the American Advertising Awards dinner held at the Radisson Lackawanna Train Station in Scranton, PA on February 26, 2016 . My role as a board member for 10 years, as a teacher and mentor to graphic design students and my role in the community was recognized with a beautiful silver medal, a creative group of ads in the program, a funny and kind introduction by Paul DeLuca, DFA, last year’s Silver Medal recipient, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The AAF’s Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 (2009 by AAF NEPA) to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, the AAF NEPA bestows this honor upon one outstanding member of the local advertising community.

And to make night even more special, I won a Silver American Advertising Award for a set of posters I designed for the University of Scranton.

triple-bottom-line dinosaur-wine poster-eco-warrior



Printwork 2015 exhibit

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh, stop in to this exhibit at The Artists Image Resource gallery where I have my Hi! letterpress print on display. Show is up until February 5th. I am one of 23 artists chosen from over 320 entries, designed to showcase the best of contemporary printmaking in the United States.

Print is 13 x 19 inches, hand printed  wood type  with gold ink on French paper.



ScrantonMade’s Holiday Market at The Mall at Steamtown; Dec 4th and 5th


I’ll be vending at ScrantonMade’s Holiday Market in a few weeks in the old BonTon at The Mall of Steamtown.  I’ve got a fun new line of necklaces and some freshly screen printed crow pillows in addition to some local photography printed on canvas. Of course I’ll have lots of letterpress greeting cards and prints.  Here’s all the info:

Just a few of things I’ll be selling:

crow necklaceil_570xN.869112225_n69j letterpress cards11794241_10153563032769170_3325177568807961632_o

ScrantonMade’s Holiday Market details: