The Workshop brings a trendy art business to downtown Scranton


Thanks Autumn for the great article on my letterpress studio!


BY Autumn Granza, junior communication arts major

The smell of machinery and ink filled the small work space on Adams Ave. in Scranton.

Paper lay strewn across the counter and a closer look showed letters perfectly matched and strategically placed on a frame. Traces of ink covered each letter, and a pattern shown in each letter from the paper’s texture. Fresh ink, recently mixed, lay ready for another go.

Christine Medley smiled as she hung the construction paper on the line to dry. She took a step back, admired her work and wiped her hands in her apron.

“My grandfather had a typesetting shop back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s,” said Medley. “There has always been some kind of family connection there.”

Medley opened The Workshop last May and has been printmaking for around 25 years. Medley is also an assistant professor of graphic design at Marywood University. Opening the shop was…

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