Slinging Ink at Summer Camp

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Faculty Guest Blogger: Christine Medley

Christine Medley: Last July, I attended my second Wells Books Arts Summer Institute. This week-long camp for artists offers various workshops in letterpress, calligraphy, papermaking, book arts and more. I chose to attend Letterpress Posters with Big Wood Type, taught by Amos Kennedy. The two main reasons I chose this workshop; one, I’ve been showing Amos’ documentary, Proceed and Be Bold, to my design classes for a few years because his social issues messages are right on and he’s a fascinating artist-printer; second, Wells has an amazing collection of wood type, and I wanted to play.

The first day, the 11 of us did a collaborative print to get warmed up, then we dove into our own projects where we were directed to create variety by experimentation. Normally, a printmaker strives to make an edition where each print matches exactly. Not…

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