314 Intro to Graphic Design

M/W 9-noon


Assignment 1: Ligature and business card

Assignment 2: Pictographs

Assignment 3: Word illustration and idioms

Assignment 4: Travel Poster/brochure

Assignment 5: Digital Storytelling

Assignment 6: Cross platform

Assignment 7: Postcard ad campaign (tentative)

Week 1: Introduction/Project 1

Monday January 13: Introduction, Project 1 Ligatures; Illustrator demo

Wednesday, January 15: Review ligature designs at 9:45. Refine and design biz card. Illustrator demo.

Week 2: Project 1/Project 2

Monday, no class

Wednesday, January 22: Biz card and ligature crit; printed on same letter sized paper. Project 2 Pictographs and Illustrator demo.

Week 3: Project 2/Project 3

Monday, January 27: Turn in final ligature and biz card printout.

Demo: Drawing in Illustrator; begin simple static pictographs

Wednesday, January 29: pictographs review one on one; start motion pictographs

Week 4: Project 3 Pictographs

Monday, February 3
review motion pictographs.

Wednesday, February 6
Crit on pictographs
Project 3 & Word Illustration exercise

Week 5: Word illustration

Monday February 10, Project 3 Word Illustration

Wednesday, February 12, Progress crit of word illustration

Week 6: Project 4 Travel brochure/poster

Monday, February 17
Project 3 due PDF for crit; Intro of project 4 travel poster and brochure
Herbert Matter http://herbertmatter.org/welcome/posters
WPA Travel Posters https://www.loc.gov/collections/works-progress-administration-posters/?fa=subject%3Atravel+posters
International Poster Gallery (search by country) https://www.internationalposter.com/search/?categoryNames=+Eur%3a++Italy%2c+UK+%26+Spain&categories=9fed0ee9-b52a-4c03-9725-8f9edcda4008

Wednesday, February 19
work on poster

Week 7: Project 4 travel brochure

Monday, February 24,
one on one review of designs
TED city flag design https://youtu.be/pnv5iKB2hl4

Wednesday,, February 26,
Progress crit of project 4 poster only in PDF
InDesign (columns, tabs, style sheets, master pages)

Lorem Ipsum (dummy text) generators: https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/79940998-15-funny-lorem-ipsum-generators-to-shake-up-your-design-mockups

Week 8: Project 4 Travel

Monday, March 2
Work on brochure

Wednesday, March 4
Poster and Brochure due end of class, printed.

Week 9: Spring Break March 7-15

Week 10: Classes Cancelled March 16-20

Week 11: Project 5 Digital Storytelling

Monday, March 23
Turn in your poster and brochure in PDF format to our shared Google folder post on Facebook by noon. Then we’ll do an asynchronous Facebook group crit 2 parts. All comments and feedback need to be completed by Wednesday 9 a.m.

Poster; upload jpg or PNG of poster.
-comment on at least 2 posters with meaningful feedback; respond to comments on your work

Brochure; upload jpg of page spreads. You can export jpgs directly from the PDF.
-comment on at least 2 brochures with meaningful feedback; respond to comments on your work

Begin Storytelling project using Spark. It’s free and can be used on desktop, tablet or phone. The lesson and project is in our shared Google folder.

Wednesday, March 25
Post Storytelling idea to Facebook by noon. Download templates and begin storyboard/plan.


Week 12: Project 5 Storytelling

Monday, March 30
Email pdf of storyboard/plan

Wednesday, April 1
Post first draft of Spark page by 5 p.m. Comment on 2 other student projects by Thursday 5 p.m.

Week 13: Project 6 Cross Platform

Monday, April 6

Post final Spark page on Facebook group by 5 p.m. All comments for crit are to be posted by 9 a.m. on Wednesday

Wednesday, April 8; Project 6

Week 14: Project 6

Monday, April 13 Easter break no class

Wednesday April 15 Come back?

Week 15: Project

Monday, April 20 

Wednesday, April 22

Week 16: Project

Monday, April 27

Wednesday, April 29

Week 17: Last week of class