New Work

Peach Festival Sculpture Exhibition at Toyota Pavilion

My hand-painted Blossom Blocks on display during this 3 day concert event in Moosic, PA.

Two Roads

The latest of my photo composites…here’s a road from Dingle, Ireland placed on Chet’s road in Susquehanna County. I’m sure there are all kinds of comparisons that can be drawn….

Shown at Keystone College in the NEPA Juried Regional exhibit.


Landfill Art

Ms. Coupe de Ville is my contribution to the Landfill Art Project ( Thanks to Ken Marquis for creating such a worthwhile project.

29th and Ellison

29th and Ellison
29th and Ellison

My first painting in more than 7 years. This is my childhood home in Omaha. Just saw the house a few weeks ago and it looks the same. Even the same roof. That was 35 years ago when we moved out of the hood. Now I understand there is a 29th street gang.

4 feet square, acrylic on heavyweight paper

Shown at AFA Gallery, member’s show, 2010


Photographs I took in and around Scranton, PA

How I made: Using blending layer modes and masks in Photoshop

Notable: Won 2nd place at SCAD’s AEF 09 small works exhibition

Ok Castle

Fun Stuff

What I made: A hand -drawn flip book animation showing morphing

Why: For a 2-D animation workshop

Notes: Made this in less than 1 hour.

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