440 Advanced Portfolio

Art 440 Advanced Portfolio Development

M/W Noon-3

Download the syllabus: art440-portfolio-2019

Your to-do list for the semester.

  • Resume, cover letter template
  • Business cards
  • PDF portfolio
  • Design senior exhibit card
  • portfolio book
  • website/Behance site
  • senior exhibit work and presentation
  • self promo package; leave behind
  • Profession portfolio reviews

Week 1: Introduction

Wednesday, January 16


Introduction: Syllabus, Projects review; Addy award submissions;

Do career self-analysis. Due by end of class via email.

Find your existing resume for next class.

Read this: http://www.howdesign.com/design-career/resume-portfolio/tobias-van-schneider-improve-your-portfolio/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=hw-cbu-nl-180115

Week 2: Marketing yourself, Part I

Monday, no class

Wednesday, January 23

Resume lecture; create, design or redesign existing. if you have an existing one, print or email it to me for content review.

Week 3: Marketing yourself, Part I

Monday, January 28

One-on-one resume review

Analyze your  personal branding and decide if it needs revising or you need to start brand new. We will review existing ID systems and redesign or revamp an ID design for resume, PDF portfolio, website, etc. Show or email me any logos, branding you have for yourself.


read: http://www.howdesign.com/how-design-blog/hiring-by-the-numbers-what-creative-job-seekers-need-to-know/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hw-cbu-nl-180122fw_source=newsletter&fw_medium=email&fw_campaign=hw-cbu-nl-180122

Wednesday, January 30


Cover letter lecture; first draft of resume due

Cover letter. Select an existing job advertisement that interests you. Write a cover letter directed to that job. Keep it as a template to write future letters. Draft due Thursday via email.

personal review of ID system; start work on ID system.

Week 4: Marketing yourself

  • start senior reviews for exhibit

Monday, February 4

  • revise resume; turn in cover letter; work on ID system
  • Gather 15-20 images you want to include in your PDF portfolio (If you have one, let’s review in person.)

Wednesday, February 6

Senior exhibit gallery card design

  • Final Resume and cover letter due.Progress crit on ID. Continue to work on ID system.

Week 5: Portfolio development

Monday February 11


  • PDF portfolio lesson. InDesign review of hyperlinks.
  • ID system check.

Wednesday, February 13

  • Work on PDF portfolio.
  • Senior exhibit gallery card design crit

Week 6: Portfolio Development

Monday, February 18

  • pdf portfolio check
  • framing/matting discussion

Wednesday, February 20

Lesson: progress crit of PDF portfolio

Week 7: PDF portfolio

Monday, February 25

Wednesday,, February 27

work on senior exhibit

Week 8: PDF portfolio and framing

Monday, March 4

Wednesday, March 6 progress crit of PDF

Week 9: Spring Break March 9-17

Week 10: Senior Show prep

Monday, March 18

  • work on PDF; prepare gallery work

Wednesday, March 20

  •  frame work

Week 11: Getting ready for the big show

Monday, March 25

  • turn in gallery work; crit of PDF portfolio

Wednesday, March 27

  • work on hallway stuff

Week 12:

Monday, April 1

  • finish work for hallway; make buttons

Wednesday, April 3

  • set up hallway; hang exhibit (Friday morning too if necessary); clean up 136

Saturday April 6, Senior Exhibit opening


Week 13:

Monday, April 8


Wednesday, April 10

  • Lesson: Web presence: Behance and other web based portfolios options

Web site options; do you have one? does it need revising?

Final project: leave behind promo; thank you card

  • Bound portfolio book discussion: Blurb, LuLu, Shutterfly, iPhoto books;

Final project: leave behind promo and thank you card

Week 14:

Monday, April 15

Final project: leave behind promo

Wednesday April 17

Web site review


Week 15:

Monday, April 22 Easter break

Wednesday, April 24

  • crit of leave behind
  • exhibit work comes down today

Week 16:

Monday, April 29

  • professional portfolio reviews start at 12:30 pm

Wednesday, May 1

May 3 6 pm Professional Portfolio reviews at Wilkes University; Sign up www.wilkes.edu/portfolio

Week 17: Last week of class

Monday, May 6: Field trip. Letterpress day at the Workshop? or Everhart Museum and Nay Aug?