Career self-analysis

Write a brief paragraph explaining where you want to end up in your first position after graduation. This paragraph should contain:

  1. The field of graphic design that you’d like to enter: editorial, corporate, book, music/record, information, advertising, environmental, or interactive design.
  2. The level at which you think you might enter: intern, designer, graphics editor, art director, for example.
  3. The type of organization(s) you’d like to work in (corporate, design firm, ad agency, etc.).
  4. Geographic preferences.


“My plans are to work in the entertainment industry, possibly designing CD covers, posters, and magazine ads. I intend for my focus to be in the rap genre, but not exclusively limited to it. I would like to work for a record label, music magazine, or design firm that handles a lot of entertainment clients. My design style has a lot of modern cultural elements and captures the essence of my age group. I would like to stay in the Los Angeles area.”

Now make two lists, one of your strengths and the other, weaknesses.

These lists will be integrated into your resume, cover letters, and interviews. Focus on your ten strengths as a designer and employee. Be honest. This process won’t help you otherwise.


  1. I integrate fine arts into my design work.
  2. I can easily take the leadership role in any creative project.
  3. I have great photographic skills.
  4. I integrate 3-D animations into my Web designs.
  5. I am a critical thinker.
  6. I pay attention to detail.
  7. My freehand design skills are as developed as my computer design skills.
  8. I understand and follow design trends.
  9. I study color theory and color psychology.
  10. I work well in a team.

Now make a list of your ten weaknesses as a designer and co-worker.


  1. I don’t take criticism well. I tend to personalize it.
  2. I lack leadership skills.
  3. My illustration work all tends to look alike.
  4. I’m really weak in Photoshop.
  5. My computer is old so I haven’t been keeping up with the latest versions of software.
  6. I win at all costs.
  7. I have poor communication skills, but like to talk.
  8. People have told me that I’m overbearing and argumentative.
  9. I focus on being liked when I first meet people in a work setting.
  10. I’m not very patient with clients.

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