Advanced Typography

Art 440 Advanced Typographic Design

Course Outline/Schedule

ART442 Advanced Typography Syllabus

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*Each class will begin with a lettering exercise

Week 1 – August 28, 30

M : Introduction; lettering exercise
W :  Project 1: Letterpress: bookmarks exercise; Tube Roll Letterpress competition

Project 1: Design, set and print a poem. Must make at least 2 passes through the press which forces you to register and contemplate color and layers. You may add imagery, pattern, borders, texture. Think about what you could print as an underlying texture or image: wood, fabric, watercolor painted surface,  digital print, etc.  And what kind of paper? Paper selection can make a print elegant and rich, something you’d want to keep and frame—or it can make it more ephemeral (like advertising, throw it away after you read it).

Week 2-September 4, 6

M : Labor day, no class

W: lettering

11 a.m. opening liturgy

Week 3-September 11, 13

M : Letterpress: The Workshop. 334 Adams.

W: Letterpress at the Workshop?

Tube Roll Letterpress competition

Week 4-September 18, 20

M :Letterpress poem crit; Letterpress documentary

W: Project 2: InDesign Book project; Advanced typography techniques

Week 5-September 25, 27

M : InDesign Book project; Advanced typography techniques

W:  InDesign Book project; Advanced typography techniques

Week 6-October 2, 4

M: InDesign Book project

W. print out proof for review with me

Week 7-October 9, 11

M: Book due; calligraphy

W calligraphy

Week 8-October 16, 18

M: Fall break; no class

W handlettering project

Using a quote, lyric or line from a poem that is at least one sentence of around 10 words or higher, you will create a hand lettered design. You can use a combination of calligraphy, hand lettering and other media (washes for background), then scan and convert to vector. Final will be printed on at least 11 x 17 paper. Any paper type is open. Think about how the paper can enhance your message.



Week 9-October 23, 25

M : Project 3: Handlettering

W: handlettering

Week 10-October 30, November 1

M : handlettering

W: Handlettering critique; Project 3 3D/Environmental type: wayfinding MU

Week 11-November 6, 8

M :wayfinding

W: wayfinding

Week 12-November 13, 15

M : review ideas for wayfinding

W: wayfinding; demo for Tinkercad and 3D printing

Week 13-November 20, 22

M : crit of wayfinding; 3D printing

W: Thanksgiving break, no class

Week 14-November 27, 29

M :3D printing;
Project 5: Animated type
Kinetic Type-Industrial Type; AfterEffects demo and exercise due at end of class

W: software demo

Week 15-December 4, 6

M : work on animated type

W: animation project

Week 16: Monday, December  11 last day of class; final crit of animation

December 13th…final exam at The Workshop! Noon-3