Art 210 Typography

Download the syllabus: art-210-syllabus

Course Outline (subject to change):

Class meets MWF 1-3 pm


  1. Ransom Note
  2. Early letter forms
  3. Letterpress card
  4. Grids; Newsletter
  5. Movie Titles: expressive type; animated letters
  6. calligraphy; thank you cards
  7. Font design and type specimen poster
  8. Information graphics: map (if time)

January Week 1

W 1/18 Syllabus; Assignments overview; supplies; textbook

Type lecture; exercise measuring type: type-terms-and-exercise-day-1

online reading and exercise: Basics of Typography:

F 1/20

type lecture; exercise setting your name in type

Project 1: Ransom Note

online reading and exercise:
Five Classic Typefaces:

January Week 2

M 1/23  Work on Ransom Note (due Friday), when finished do this exercise: visual-analogy

W 1/25  Ransom note: print, mount and ID typefaces by class, style on a b&w print out

F 1/27 Ransom Note due/crit

Project 2: Early letter forms; InDesign demo

Text: Read chaps 1 & 2 from text

Jan/Feb Week 3

M 1/30    work on early letter forms;  readability and legibility lecture
Read chaps 3 & 4;

W 2/1   letterforms; print and trim early letterforms project;

F 2/3    letterpress demo in printmaking studio;

February Week 4

M 2/6   CRITIQUE #2: early letter forms project;

Project 3: Letterpress card-Valentine’s Day; design, production, scoring

W 2/8    Field trip to Workshop 334 Adams Ave to print cards; 1/2 of class; other half independent exercise. Take home Quiz on reading;

F 2/10    Field trip to Workshop 334 Adams Ave to print cards; 1/2 of class; other half independent quiz.

February Week 5

M 2/13        Quiz due. CRITIQUE – Valentine’s cards; New reading: Chapters 4 and 5 on the Typographic grid and read the Case Study on the unigrid system in pages 166-172.

Assignment #3Grids/Newsletter; (download text and images files here (don’t download grid or specs file):

W 2/15         InDesign demo.

F 2/17        Grids lecture and exercise; More InDesign. Work on newsletter.

February Week 6

M 2/20       Print and PDF demo for turn in; work on newsletter. Work on grids exercise.

W 2/22       Crit: Assignment 3: Grids/Newsletter

F 2/24     Grids exercise due. Assignment #4: movie titles (static and animated); lecture on type and personality

Feb/March Week 7

M 2/27     movie titles; Part I: Using a movie of your choice, create a title card (static) type only design.

Art of the Movie Title PBS

W 3/1       take home midterm quiz emailed-due Monday; sophomore portfolio review day, no class

F 3/3       Field trip to see Zaner-Bloser penmanship collection at the U

March Week 8

M 3/6        quiz due.
W 3/8        Part II: animate your movie title; After Effects demo. You may add background support imagery.

Adobe After Effects Tutorials:

F 3/10      Independent work day; no instructor

S           P           R          I           N           G                 B           R           E            A           K           March 11-18

March Week 9

M 20         work on animated movie title
W 22         Movie title crit? or Friday.
F 24           Critique animated movie title.

March Week 10

M 27      Project 5: calligraphy and Thank You cards
Calligraphy demo, practice exercises; The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

W 29    callligraphy; thank you card

Thank you card is of your own design and size. Final can be the original or you may scan in, fix and print out.

F 31       calligraphy and certificate; freshman foundation review

Certificate is for a fellow classmate lettered directly on supplied paper. You can print text on it first, then leave a space for your calligraphy.

April Week 11

M 3         Crit of Thank you cards and certificates; Assignment #6 typeface; lecture
W 5         Assignment #6 typeface; lecture

Research links on designing typefaces:

F 7          class meets in Mac lab 135

April Week 12

M 10        type specimens;

W 12       studio

F 14       no class, Easter break

April Week 13

M 17       no class, Easter break

W 19      studio

F 21        Stretch conference: required. 1-2:30 McGowan 1059. Morning session 10-11:30.

April Week 14

M 24    studio

W 26   TDC (Type Director’s Club) Type legends

F 28   Helvetica

May Week 15

M 1      TDC (Type Director’s Club) Type legends
W 3      TDC (Type Director’s Club) Type legends

F 5  last day of class; final critique for type specimen poster

* This schedule may vary according the progress of the class and inclement weather.

** Not all lectures, demonstrations, quizzes, and audio/visual presentations have been noted on this outline.

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