Art 416 Advanced Graphic Design

ART416 Syllabus 2018

Monday/Wednesday Noon-3 pm

Week 1: Introduction/Advertising

Monday, August 27

Introduction: Syllabus, Projects overview. Introduction of first assignment, billboard. Explanation of Spark Learning Journal.

Hey Whipple book

Reading Assignment: Chapters 1-6, “Hey Whipple…” Luke Sullivan text.

Charmin Ad Videos:

Wednesday, August 29:

Lecture: Share billboard photos.
Discussion questions from reading given.

 Art & Copy movie.

Week 2: Advertising

Monday, Sept. 3 Labor Day, no class

Wednesday, Sept. 5:
Opening liturgy/picnic.

Billboard inspiration:


Work on billboard.

Week 3: Advertising

Monday, Sept. 10
Work on Billboards. Review of ideas. Discussion questions from reading due at end of class.

Wednesday, Sept. 12:
Finish Billboards;
Project 2: Transportation ad campaign; Client brief; 20 key words and tagline.

Week 4: Advertising

Monday, September 17

Lesson 2: Critique billboards:
Project 2
ad campaign; Client brief due; 20 key words and tagline due beginning of next class.

Wednesday, September 19

papermaking break

Work on ad campaign; Review Thumbnails and roughs.

Reading Assignment: Chapters 7-9, “Hey Whipple…”

Week 5: Ad campaign

Monday, September 24

ad campaign;

Wednesday, September 24

Finish ad campaign

Week 6: Projects 2 and 3

Monday, October 1

Ad campaign crit.


Wednesday, October 3

Make corrections on PennDot campaign. Create a Spark Journal about this. Include your client brief, roughs, and final. Share a link with me via email.

Project 3: Yes You! Positive messages campaign

Select a positive quote or message that would appeal to high school and college audiences to support, encourage and give hope. For example, make someone smile, get them out of a funk, change someone’s attitude, and so on. Consider this:

  • Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24
  • The Centers for Disease Control reported recently that suicide rates for teenage girls in the United States have hit a 40-year high.
  • The suicide rate for white children and teens between 10 and 17 was up 70% between 2006 and 2016, the latest data analysis available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although black children and teens kill themselves less often than white youth do, the rate of increase was higher — 77%.

Next, pick a stall in Shields or Insalaco. Measure it. Design your message to fit the proportion. Hand lettering, digital, stencils, anything goes. We’ll get these printed as decals and install the stall!

  • We’ll also figure out how to get these into the high schools. We’ll do sticker versions too. What else could we do? Ideas are welcome.
  • Should we bring high school students here for a DIY workshop? Maybe we give them a plan on how to design their own. Lettering workshops, etc.

Week 7: Project 3 & 4

Monday,  October 8

project 3 idea review

Wednesday, October 10


Week 7: Project 4

Monday, October 15

Fall break, no class

Wednesday, October 17

project 3 crit; make corrections order decals

Project 4: portfolio book

Week 8: Project 4 portfolio book

Monday, October 22

Project 4: portfolio book

Wednesday, October 24

 portfolio book

Week 9:stamp

Monday, October 29

finish up portfolio prototypes; prep for portfolio review

Wednesday,October 31

Project 5 commemorative stamp series

Week 10:stamps

Monday, November 5

Senior Portfolio reviews

Wednesday, November 7

stamps idea review

Week 11:

Monday, November 12


Wednesday, November 14


Week 12: 

Monday, November 19

stamps crit

Wednesday, November 21

Thanksgiving break. No class.

Week 13:

Monday, November 26


Wednesday, November 29

Week 14:

Monday, December 3


Wednesday, December 5


Week 15:

Monday December 10 Last day of class