Art 416 Advanced Graphic Design

ART416AdvDesign17 Syllabus

Monday/Wednesday 3-6 pm

Week 1: Introduction/Advertising

Monday, August 28

Introduction: Syllabus, Projects overview. Introduction of first assignment, billboard.

Hey Whipple book

Reading Assignment: Chapters 1-6, “Hey Whipple…” Luke Sullivan text.

Charmin Ad Videos:

Wednesday, August 30:

Lecture: Share billboard photos.
Discussion questions from reading given.

Week 2: Advertising

Monday, Sept. 4 Labor Day, no class

Wednesday, Sept. 6:
Work on billboard. Discussion questions from reading due at beginning of class.

Week 3: Advertising

Monday, Sept. 11
Turn in Discussion Questions. Art & Copy movie. Finish Billboards.

Wednesday, Sept. 13:
Billboards critique;

Project 3: Introduction of Copyright Ad Campaign assignment. Client brief. Keywords. Team assignments.

Begin research.

Copyright Info

Week 4: Advertising/Social Commentary

Monday, September 18

Lesson 2: ad campaign

Wednesday, September 20

ad campaign; Client brief due; 20 key words and tagline due.

Reading Assignment: Chapters 7-9, “Hey Whipple…”

Week 5: Protest design

Monday, September 25

ad campaign; Review Thumbnails and roughs.

Wednesday, September 27

Week 6: social issues

Monday, October 2

Crit of ads; Project 3: protest lecture; t-shirt project

art set up lecture

Wednesday, October 4

idea review
screen printing demo

Week 7: social issues

Monday,  October 9

screen printing

Wednesday, October 11

screen printing

Week 7: surface pattern

Monday, October 16

Fall break, no class

Wednesday, October 18

shirt critique; Assignment 4: Surtex pattern competition

Week 8: surface pattern

Monday, October 23


Wednesday, October 25


Week 9: surface patterns

Monday, October 30


Wednesday, November 1

Patterns due

Portfolio tips for Senior Review

Week 10: stamps

Monday, November 6

patterns; revise designs to finalize for printing and mounting

Wednesday, November 8

Assignment 5: commemorative stamps

Week 11: stamps

Monday, November 13


Wednesday, November 15


Week 12: 

Monday, November 20

stamps crit

Wednesday, November 22

Thanksgiving break. No class.

Week 13:

Monday, November 27

final project: multi page booklet

Wednesday, November 30

final project: multi page booklet

Week 14:

Monday, December 4

last day of class

final project: multi page booklet due during finals