Project 1: Billboard Redesign Campaign

Find a local billboard that you think is poorly designed in terms of concept and visual solution. Things to look for:

  • hard to see
  • message is not clear
  • too much to read
  • poor design; bad use of typography, color, hierarchy

Look for good ones too. Take notes on the different elements, color scheme, texture, wording, amount of content on boards, environment and architecture. In the world of billboard less is more, and the golden 8 words or less really does make a big difference–you only have about an 8-second read time to get your message across to the consumer. See if you get the message as you drive around.

Take a photo of the bad billboard and we’ll discuss in class why it doesn’t work. Please be careful if you are shooting something from the road or highway!! Take a friend to do the driving. No photos from the Web.

We will redesign the  billboard into a campaign of at least 3 boards. One will be a poster with an extension that supports the concept, one that interacting with the location* and one digital. They all must be related in theme and style so viewers relate to it as a campaign.

*location means, how do it relate to other boards around it? Is it on a building? next to a landmark? By an interstate exit?  Can you make 2 billboards interact with each other? Some smaller billboards are stacked, others might be on opposite sides of the road. Adams outdoor is great at the idea of interacting billboards.

Critique: TBS


Adams Outdoor…local award-winning examples

Lamar Outdoor


Interactive billboards:!

Good quick tips: (print out distance tester) (sustainable material)

The design process:

Digital Billboard specs and design tips


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