Project 1: Griffin Pond Adoption Window Cutouts

How Much is that Kitty in the Window?

  1. As a class, figure out a name this project. Everyone has to submit at least one idea and we’ll vote for 3 to send to Griffin Pond.
  2. You’ll pick and/or be assigned 3 animals. You can do cats or dogs. The focus will be on the special needs animals, seniors and animals that have been in the shelter a long time.
  3. You’ll photograph the 3 animals, although you may do more. Try to get the entire body or inside a bed or something that will make sense when you cut it out, so body parts aren’t missing. You want to show the animal off the best you can.
  4. Create a design similar to the prototypes, around 15″ x 12″…aiming for life size for cats. You must include the animal name, female/male, age and some kind of call to action text. Then the boiler plate info: location, phone, web and logo. Remember these will be viewed through a window, so make the text with good contrast and legible. The cuter the better.
  5. Print out and mount to foam board or matboard. Create some kind of prop to stand it up.
  6. Find businesses to display them. How do we promote this project? Use social media, recruit during September First Friday, or where you work, or where there is high traffic. Don’t display in an area that is primarily college students, as it’s hard for students to get approval to adopt.
  7. Discussion: how do we keep this going after the project ends? Does a club take it over? Do we keep doing it throughout the semester? How do we track animals at businesses and if they get adopted? How do we swap out new signs for old? How do we transition this to a billboard campaign?
  8. Field trip Wednesday, August 28th to Griffin Pond. Due Wednesday, September 4th. Placed by Friday, September 6th and documented with a photo.