Project 2: Griffin Pond Billboard Campaign

You will design a digital and bulletin billboard campaign that include a minimum of 3 billboards with a fall theme. Somehow you need to tie the three together (headline, color, typeface, layout, etc.)

  • The first one will be for The Fall Family Festival (info below).
  • Second will promote the window adoption campaign (once we name it)
  • Third will be your choice. It can promote the need for volunteers, supplies, donations, the benefits of rescuing an animal, etc. Research the Griffin Pond web site for their specific needs.
  • You must also create a design brief before you begin

These will actually be used. Besko Media and Lamar Advertising have offered free billboard space.

Fall Event Information:

(from the Facebook Event)
Stop by Griffin Pond Animal Shelter for our Fall Family Festival on October 19th, 2019 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm! We’ll have music, games, pumpkin painting, costume contest for people and animals, trunk -or- treat, local vendors/crafters, tarot card readings, basket raffles and 50/50! *There will be an entry fee to participate in the costume contest* We hope you can make it for this fun filled evening at our shelter! Be sure to bring your pets (all pets must be in a crate or on a leash at all times). Questions? Call 570-586-3700 EXT 522.

Billboard should be:

  • easy to see
  • have a clear message
  • easy to read
  • aim for 8 words or less
  • 8-second read time
  • clear hierarchy, good color contrast


Digital Poster: Use Lamar’s spec sheet DigitalPoster_ASP_400X840_10to21

Beskomedia: They have specs listed by location. I don’t know what the location will be, but visit this page, pick a billboard and design it to the proportion. So if it’s 10 x 30 feet, setup your document to 10 x 30 inches. Use Illustrator. Images should be 100 ppi to keep the size manageable.

Critique: TBS


Adams Outdoor…local award-winning examples

Lamar Outdoor


Interactive billboards:!

Good quick tips: (print out distance tester) (sustainable material)

The design process:

Digital Billboard specs and design tips

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