Project 3-Social Commentary/Protest

Social commentary/protest wearable project. Make a difference!

Create a visual message that is wearable (t-shirt, tote, patch, etc.) that visually explains your view in an intelligent and powerful way on any social issue. Any topic is wide open. You can focus on the local, national or international. The solution can criticize, support, promote, call to action, etc. Ideas for topics:

  • Topical: gun control (Vegas), hurricane relief, Puerto Rico, NFL and kneeling during national anthem; opiod addiction, the wall, North Korea/missiles/war, frat hazing, terrorism, travel bans, LGBT military ban, health care reform, DACA/dreamers
  • International. Terrorism, Climate Change, war, Isis, Women’s Rights Violations in Africa, Child Labor, Nuclear Power, Healthcare Deprivation, cyber terrorism
  • Local.  gas drilling/fracking in NEPA, education, poverty, natural disasters, politics, drugs, hunger, poverty, sustainability
  • National. Racism, healthcare, energy, politicians, government, corporate greed, airline travel, immigration, reality tv, dumbing down of America, education reform, common core education, taxes, obesity, terrorism

Final submission will be a screen printed wearable.

Google: propaganda, Luba Lukova,60s social protest, social issues, editorial cartoons,, Barbara Kruger, Guerilla Girls

Columbus was not what you think:

t-shirt style ideas:

How to create traps in Illustrator:







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