Project 2 Ad Campaign

Design Brief and Ad Campaign for GAG

This is a 3-person team project. Your team  is an ad agency that will develop a new informational/educational/awareness/public service advertising campaign about copyright issues for your new client, The Graphic Artists Guild (GAG).

  • Develop a client brief describing the client, your research and your project ideas; including keywords, taglines, headline.
  • Then based on research and brainstorming, your team will create an ad campaign composed of 3 ads to appear in design magazines such as Print and How. The ads will appear individually  on a monthly basis.
  • There should be a call to action somewhere on the ad.

Example PSA: guild_psa_orphan

  1. Take a careful look at the client using the Web as your tool. Briefly summarize the following information about GAG:
    – The company size, company location, philosophy, history, growth potential, future projections, marketing strategy, etc.
  2. Briefly summarize GAG as a company, its products, its weaknesses and strengths. In addition, describe the company from the client’s perspective, especially from the customer’s point of view.
  3. Describe your target audience.
  4. Research the assigned copyright topic. Use at least 3 Internet sources for your information.

There is a great amount of copyright educational resources on the GAG site. Please research the following topics thoroughly first the resource area of GAG and then look at other copyright related sites as needed.

Good article:


Possible Topics for the project include:
how and why copyright an image
The Creative Commons; what is it? how do I use it?
social networking and image ownership
image ownership: artist or company or client?
fair use (public domain, educational, editorial, satire)

  1. Write a design brief based on the lecture in class.
  2. With your research about GAG and your copyright topic. Brainstorm ideas about the ad campaign focus with your assigned team.
  • Brainstorm using words first; think of words that describe the product in a way that would appeal to the target market. Use a thesaurus and write your words by moving outward from a central point (you may use paper or the computer). Develop a list of at least 20 keywords.
  • After your team has created a list of words, move on to brainstorming with images. Each team member should generate at least 8 thumbnails for the advertising campaign. Discuss ideas with your team. Keep ideas flowing and encourage team members.
  • Select a thumbnail for each team member to develop into a rough ad. Each ad is part of the campaign, so the ads should be related/unified in treatment/style. Keep communication open with team members to unify the design.
  • I will hold a progress check/critique with each team before final completion.
  • Final ads will be printed, mounted and critiqued in class.

Due date: 2 weeks


2 thoughts on “Project 2 Ad Campaign

  1. Desiree Zielinski says:

    Even though we just finished the print ad project, but this is such a great and wholesome ad! It is so great! I just thought about the Whipple book and his example of the Volkswagen ads and reading about how to approach TV ads.

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