Transportation Initiative Campaign

Create an ad campaign for your selected event. Research the event online. Develop a branded campaign that includes at least 4 pieces from any the following (2 per person):

  • print (billboards, stickers, posters, etc.)
  • digital (social media, web, email, etc.).
  • video, animation
  • or? guerrilla advertising, event promotion

You also will develop a client brief, create a list of keywords and ideas for headlines/taglines.

Teams and topics:

October 14-20:

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness: Jordan, Amanda
Halloween impaired: Carolyn & Tara
November 6 & 7 Drowsy Driving: Mohan/Raquel
December 2 Older Driver Safety awareness week: Maci & Desiree
Holiday Season Impaired Driving: Michaela and Meg
Critique: Sept. 26 or Oct. 1
Where to start? Some reference sites:
Add more sites as you find them in the comments!

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