Art 442B Interactive Design III

442B Syllabus 2016

T/TH 6-9 pm • Mac lab 136

Week 1 –
Tuesday, August 29:

Introduction: Syllabus, Projects overview. Introduction of first assignment, Mailchimp.

Thursday, August 31:

Project check; 1:45 p.m. crit for e-blast newsletter; Introduction of Project 2: App project

Week 2 –

Tuesday, August 29:

Thursday, August 31:

Project 2: Lecture: UX design, problem proposal and persona

If you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad, I highly recommend downloading this free book on app design from the iTunes store.

Week 3

Monday, September 5, Labor Day, no class

Wednesday, September 7: Picnic. Class starts at 1:15. Review ideas and personas. Cards sorting and site map if time.

intro to UX design


Week 4

Monday, September 12:

Project 2 card sorting; XD

Improving Your Information Architecture With Card Sorting: A Beginner’s Guide

Week 5-

Monday, September 19:
app progress check

Wednesday, September 21


Week 6-

Monday, September 26:


Wednesday, September 28:


Week 7-

Monday, October 3:

App crit;

Project 3: iPad interactive magazine.

Wednesday, October 5:

lab; no instructor

Watch this example of an interactive magazine article for inspiration:

Week 7

Monday, October 10

InDesign demo; Video editing in Photoshop; sound editing

demo on publishing; Progress check on magazine

Wednesday, October 12:

upload magazine to test


Week 8

Monday, October 17: fall break

Wednesday, October 19:

load magazine to iPad; magazine crit;

Week 9

Monday, October 24:

Introduction of Adobe Animate Animate; Project 4: Animated infographic

Wednesday, October 26:


Week 10

Monday, October 31:

Interactive mag crit

Senior review information

Project 4: Animate CC and information graphics

Wednesday, November 2:

Project 4: Animate CC and information graphics

Week 11

Monday, November 7:

animated infographics

Wednesday, November 9:


no instructor

Week 12

Monday, November 14:


Wednesday, November 16: Senior Reviews

Week 13–

Monday, November 21

animation crit


Wednesday, November 23 Thanksgiving break

Week 14

Monday, November 28:

Project 5: Muse

Muse Store Front/Small Biz Web site

  • for yourself or a friend that has original products, whether made up by you or actual items you make
  • at least 8 items with a legitimate ability to purchase (paypal, shopping cart, Shopify, etc.). It doesn’t have to function but it would be something that could be set up later.
  • SEO optimized: write meaningful copy, change page titles, use webfonts, alt text images, description and keywords
  • output both to HTML for final submission

Resource links:

Best screen size?

Free Muse tutorials on Adobe TV:

Muse tutorials:

Wednesday, November 30:

Muse website

Week 15:

Monday, December 5.


Wednesday, December 7. Last day of class.

Muse crit or following Monday?