Animated Infographic Project

You will design an animated information graphic based on a national landmark or historic monument. Use the medium of animation to tell a visual story that supports and enhances the facts you are sharing about your chosen topic.

Final Animated Info Graphics must meet the following requirements:

  • Finish at around 1 minute in total length (:45 second absolute minimum)
  • All animations must be vector-based built in Illustrator and imported into AE
  • At least 6 different facts presented about your given topic
  • Includes some sort of audio track to accompany the video (music or SFX)
  • Text cannot be static – must use animations to bring text in and out of each scene and all text must be comfortable to read (both visually and time-wise)
  • Export your final file as an MP4 and upload to final video to your own (free) Vimeo account for final critique

Warm up exercise:

Design and animate a beautiful sunset that takes full advantage of masking, null objects, the Motion Editor, filters, and blend modes. Make your full name animate into frame at the end/night time.

Animated Info Graphic Examples:

AfterEffects Reference/Tutorials:

Frame by frame animation concepts:

The 12 Principles of Animation