Animated Infographic Project

You will design an animated information graphic based on a national landmark or historic monument.

In addition to this being animated, it must not loop (unless it’s critical to the concept).


Look at for great examples of infographics:

Animation Reference/Tutorials:

Frame by frame animation:

The 12 Principles of Animation







Warm up exercises:

  1. Using Animate CC, create 50 frames of frame-by-frame animation of a line walking across the Stage. It should end with the line transforming into something new(?). How does a line “walk,” exactly? That’s up to you to figure out! Export your animation as an MP4
  2. Animate the letters of your name from circles that fly into the screen from all sides, assemble in the center, and morph into letters. Choose your own background color and the colors for your lettering. You may find shape hints to be useful. Export your animation as an MP4
  3. Design and animate a beautiful sunset that takes full advantage of masking, the Motion Editor, filters, and blend modes. Masking will be employed to assist the transition from bright-to-night. Use an ActionScript 3.0 document type to access the full range of filters and blend modes.