Project 2 App


Do you have an idea for the next great app? Apps solve problems; what app can you design that would be useful to you and to others? Some examples are very practical like a flashlight on your phone or a tip calculator, but then there’s a huge entertainment category of games, books, sports, movies, arts, travel, etc. You could go educational and informational or go commercial with marketplaces, ordering and payments; or furthering the branding and marketing a company . Think about what types of apps you use and what the ultimate purpose of that app is. You will create and design your own original app; it can be anything. You’ll design the user interface, the elements/assets that a programmer would need to make the app, and prototype the interactivity using Adobe Xperience Design.

Order of tasks:

  1. Do research specifically on your topic. Make sure it doesn’t exist already.
  2. Define:
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the purpose?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is the content?

3. Develop 2 or 3 personas to explain your audience

4. Create site map of the pages within your app

5. Complete paper prototyping and do card sorting with another classmate

6. Create a style tile (similar to a mood board)

7. Design your assets: logo, opening screen, buttons and interface; prototype in Xperience Design

8. Mock up of you App store screen and save an PNG

Review deadlines TBA

 Asset designs and App store graphics due TBA

  • Your graphics can be designed in Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Download free UI elements for iPhone or iPad to help with your design.

Turn in the following:

  • a working prototype of the app
  • persona(s)
  • Style tile
  • wireframe or sitemap
  • A layout like you would see in the App store which includes 5 screen shots, with the first screen being your feature screen. This includes the app button, description, version number, price, category, copyright info, your name or business contact info (email or URL), a fake review or whatever you want to add to make it look authentic
Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.17.38 PM

 If you find good sites to help with this project, please comment below to share with the class.







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