Project 3 Interactive Magazine Article

Art 442B  Interactive Article and Cover

You may choose between two topics:

  •  an article on DIY or “how-to” topic or
  • a travel article

The article needs to include clear directions or explanation, photos, video, navigation and interactive elements such as a menu, buttons or slide show. Also included are traditional elements found in editorial layout; headline, subheads, pull quotes, captions, body text, etc.

Research  topics online (Pinterest, tutorial sites, How Stuff is Made, travel sites, Rick Steves); look at digital magazines; go to the book store library or grocery store and look at printed magazines; try Home Depot DIY areas, etc. Try to be original and don’t copy something that has already been done.

  • minimum of 8 steps or areas of your journey; there is no limit; there are not defined number of pages; whatever it takes to tell your story
  • Lead-in cover page
  • A cover for your magazine…can be real or made up-optional
  • photos
  • video
  • interactivity simple animation (slide show or transitions)
  • footer: issue, section and name of magazine (real or imagined)

Define your target audience by using demographics such as age, gender, education, income and location and be prepared to discuss during critique. Define what type of publication this might appear in (crafts, home DIY, car, beauty, tech, gardening, local travel, world travel and so on).

Final design:

After working through thumbnails and roughs, Select your strongest rough for the spread and produce in InDesign in a single, multiple-page document version in vertical format or horizontal version.


  • You will do your  layout in InDesign. Use style sheets and master pages to keep your design consistent.
  • Photos must be RGB either in PNG, JPEG or GIF
  • Final submission will be uploaded and viewed using the Publish feature.  There will be two class iPads for use or you may use your own.

200 points. Grading is based on:

  • enough steps and clear directions (50)
  • design is strong (25)
  • concept is strong (25)
  • includes interactive elements (30)
  • video/animation elements (30)
  • typography is readable (10)
  • images are high quality (10)
  • appropriate for demographic (10)
  • cover/lead in page (10)


FINAL DUE uploaded to iPad by TBA

Great places to look for ideas:

PBS Off Book Series on Youtube




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