Print layout to iPad

Converting Print to iPad

  1. Make sure your print document images are linked and updated.
  2. Package your files.
  3. Open the Links folder and resave all images to RGB; no larger than 2000 pixels in one direction and use Save for Web to save as PNG24. Create a new folder for them named “images”.
  4. Open up your InDesign file, go to Page Setup, select Digital Publishing, select the page size of 1024 x 768.
  5. Resave your file as” magazine_v.indd”
  6. Adjust all of your artwork to fit the new page layout. Relink images to new PNG files.
  7. Add any iPad overlay features you want; slideshow, pan/zoom, links, buttons. Use the Preview button to check your work.
  8. Now create an Alternate Layout in the Pages panel. InDesign will create and name it magazine_h. Select how you want the layout elements to position (i.e. center, object, etc.)


  1. Open the Folio Builder and login if your computer software allows it (no updated needed)
  2. With your InDesign file open, click on Create New Folio. Name it, upload your thumbnails sized to specs (other handout).
  3. Add Article, select Add Open InDesign Document. This will add all layout versions and images.
  4. Now check on iPad and download your App.

If you get error message, this could mean you didn’t save your page size properly, the images are missing or not saved in the right format.

For more help, visit my online tutorial.