Art 448 Package Design

Project 1: Chewing gum

Project 2: Candy

Project 3: Health and Beauty (green design)

Project 4: Wine label bottle

Project 5: Shopping Bag

Project 6: Self promo

Week 1:

Tuesday, August 27

Introduction, Syllabus, Course Outline, Pop-up exercise

Thursday, August 29

First assignment: chewing gum package

Week 2:

Tuesday, September 3

Comps due for review;

Thursday, September 5

Gum package; lab

Week 3

Tuesday, September 10

Gum package crit; Intro of candy package project

Thursday, September 12

candy project

Week 4

Tuesday, September 17

candy box

Thursday, September 19

candy box mini crit

Week 5

Tuesday, September 24

candy box series

Thursday, September 26

Week 6

Tuesday, October 1

candy box crit; intro of health and beauty project

Thursday, October 3

Visiting artist lecture: 3:30

Week 7

Tuesday, October 8

health and beauty package

Thursday, October 11

health and beauty package

Week 8

Tuesday, October 15 (Fall Break, no class)

Thursday, October 17

due critique; wine bottle; research trip on your own

Week 9:

Tuesday, October 22

Thursday, October 24

Week 10:

Tuesday, October 29


Thursday, October 31

Week 11:

Tuesday, November 5


Thursday, November 7

Week 12:

Tuesday, November 12


Thursday, November 14


Week 13:

Tuesday, November 19

wine due; shopping bag intro

Thursday, November 21


Tuesday, November 26

shopping bag

Thursday, November 28

Thanksgiving no class

Tuesday, December 3

work on self promo

Thursday, December 5

Tuesday, December 10

Thursday, December 12

Last class

Recommended Text:

Packaging Sustainability by Wendy Jedlicka

Reference Links:

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