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  1. Kate Prislupski says:

    5.27 Earths to sustain my lifestyle –> This is incredible especially because I do recycle whenever possible, buy organic products and try to not over use electricity and other means of power.

  2. Sarah says:

    I leave less of a footprint when I live in Brooklyn then when I live in Scranton.


  3. Amanda says:

    Ecological Footprint: 5.58 Earth …

  4. Meghan Calderone says:

    It would take 4.01 Earths, if everyone lived my lifestyle. My total footprint was 155.74 versus US average of 246.41. Crazy.

  5. Oddly, I based mine off of living in the city, and I still got 4.45. We recycle everything in my house, we have a compost pile in my yard, we have a garden, my dad obsesses over turning lights off when no one is using them, and I take the subway or bike everywhere.

    My footprint was still less than the average, but still ridiculous!


  6. Santina Amendola says:

    5.07 Earths

  7. Kyle Van Zandbergen says:

    What I find interesting is just how much driving affects how many earths you would need. I need just over 3.5 living on my own because I walk everywhere I go. When I lived with my parents (who are extremely eco-friendly), the number jumped to over 4.d earths. It’s amazing how little recycling and conserving will do when the biggest issues aren’t ones we normally think of.

  8. Christa says:

    I saw this article on aol’s home page which I found interesting.

    Study: US Food Waste Is a Huge Energy Drain


    The article analyzes, not the amount or type of food that we consume, but rather the wasted energy that goes into the food that we waste, which is not mentioned on mycarbonfootprint’s website.

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