Project 3-Health and Beauty

Create a package for a Health and Beauty Item of your choice. The item must be packaged in an eco-friendly solid container (no windows). The product will not be visible prior to purchase. Your job is to describe a product via the package and design it so it will contain the item after use, can be reused for other purposes or is made of materials that are easily recycled. Position this item to a 20-something demographic with an original brand name. You will research materials, inks, plastics, papers or whatever materials you will use for this design and prepare a short “green” report.

  • 66% of consumers say they feel products are over packaged. Always look for ways of reducing pack size, amount of packing inside and reducing your overall carbon emission. These types of credentials are favored greatly by consumers these days and may even see your brand as more trustworthy and likely to buy from because they are seen to be green.

Read these trends before you begin:

Student solutions:

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