Basic Printmaking

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Assignment Summary:

Assignment 1: Linoleum cut
Assignment 2: Paper making
Assignment 3: Woodcut
Assignment 4: Key block color (linoleum or woodcut)
Assignment 5: Monoprints with gel plates
Assignment 6: Letterpress and monoprints
Assignment 7: Collagraph and paper pulp emboss
Assignment 9: Flag book exercise; use scrap prints
Assignment 10: Choice of project for final.

  • One black and white project will be editioned; minimum 5 prints
  • One color project will be editioned; minimum 5 prints
  • Resource journal: book or Spark page

Week 1: Linocut & Papermaking
Thursday, 1/17: Introduction, Syllabus, Course Outline; Lecture on relief printing; Demo on transferring images and cutting.
Introduction to Project 1 Linocut

Artists to look at:

MC Escher


contemporary examples:

Week 2: Linocut & Papermaking
Tuesday, 1/22
Continue to work on linocut. Papermaking intro;

Examples of student Spark pages:

Thursday, 1/24 Printing and proofing demo. If there is still pulp, continue to make paper for later projects.

Week 3: Linocut and woodcut
Tuesday, 1/29  
finish up linocut

woodcut research:

Thursday, 1/31
Look at proofs. Project 3: Woodcut. Demo on transferring images to wood and cutting.

3 p.m. Frank Basemen gallery talk in Suraci.

Week 4: Woodcut
Tuesday, 2/5:
Woodcut printing demo; print by hand
Thursday, 2/7:  Work on woodcut

Week 5: Woodcut/ keyblock and Color
Tuesday, 2/12 Snow day

Thursday, 2/14 Color
Finish up woodcut
Look at woodcut proofs.

Project 4: key block color (lino or wood); lecture on color separation color registration demo; work on color project

Watch 2 color key block and printing jig:

Linocut tips:

Week 6: Color
Tuesday, 2/19 color

Thursday, 2/21 how to sign prints; look at proofs; work day

Week 7: Monoprints
Tuesday, 2/26 Look at color proofs.

Project 5: gel plate monoprints; print 10
Thursday, 2/28 studio

Week 8: Letterpress
Tuesday, 3/5  Look at gel prints.

Project 6: Letterpress; lock up demo; print demo
Quiz 1 due next class

Thurday, 3/7  Blind emboss demo; Spark page/ resource book turn in/

Week 9: Spring Break March 9-17

Week 10: Letterpress

letterpress printer artists: (formerly Yeehaw)

Tuesday, March 19
Project 5: gel monoprints; print 10
Project 6: Introduction: letterpress and blind emboss project
finish linocuts
Thursday, March 21
work on prints
discussion of 3D printing plates. optional: design and print your own chop

Week 11: Letterpress/monoprints
Tuesday, 3/26 look at linocut color prints

finish letterpress and gel prints
Thursday, 3/28
Project 7: Collagraph; work on letterpress

Week 12: Collagraph
Tuesday, 4/2
letterpress and gel prints due; work on collagraph
Thursday, 4/4 work on collagraph

Ukiyo-E to Shin Hanga (April 2-May 18)
Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Syracuse University Art Collection

Week 13: Collagraph and flag book
Tuesday, 4/9 look at collagraph proof

Thursday, 4/11 Project 7: flag book demo. Use scraps from gel plates and other prints to make book.

Week 14: flag book
Tuesday, 4/16 collagraph and flag book

Thursday, 4/18 no classes/Easter break

Week 15: Final project
Tuesday, 4/23 collagraph pulp emboss

Thursday, 4/25 final project of choice; Quiz 2 due 5/2

Week 16: Final Project
Tuesday, 4/29 make sure 2 editions are finished

Thursday, 5/2 studio

Final: Tuesday, May 7th, 1 p.m. Crit of collagraph, collagraph pulp print, flag book, and final print. 2 editions due. Work returned Friday by noon. Spark page/journal due by Thursday end of day.

First Friday, May 3; class exhibition at the Workshop