ART327Fall18 Syllabus


  1. Drypoint; small and large plate
  2. Solarplate
  3. Zinc etch
  4. Aquatint
  5. Collagraph
  6. Mixed media
  7. Resource Journal-all semester (Spark or notebook)

Course outline:

Week 1 August 28, 30: Drypoint

Tuesday: Syllabus, introduction to print processes: intaglio, relief, offset and screen print. Demo on beveling plate edges and drypoint tools. Prepare drawing for next class.

Thursday: Printing demo; printing template, paper tearing/soaking, applying ink, wiping plate, press pressure and printing. Take larger plate and work on idea for drawing over weekend.

Week 2 September 4, 6: Drypoint

Tuesday: Demo on Adobe Spark. Look at first prints. Discussion on editions.

Thursday: Work on large intaglio. Color demo…ala poupee

First topics to add to Journal:

  • Your first project. Photos or scans of plate, art, any process shots. Notes on process that are helpful to you. Press pressure, printing steps, etc. Any way you want to present it.
  • Research an artist or two from the list in your syllabus. Include a few samples of their work and make a note what they are famous for. Start with historical ones like Durer and Rembrandt.
  • Explain the 4 different printing processes
  • Define these terms from your syllabus:
    • scraper
    • burnisher
    • bevel
    • drypoint
    • tarlatan
    • a la poupee
    • state
    • editioning

Week 3 September 11, 13: Drypoint/Solar plate

Tuesday: Finish edition of 5 for black and white large drypoint. Work on one good print including color using a la poupee.

Thursday: Finish prints. Turn in edition of 5 in Black and White and one Color for next Tuesday.

Week 4 September 18, 20: Solar plate

Tuesday: Class print review. Introduction to solar plate. Demo on image set up, transparency, exposure and wash out. Dan Welden has Youtube instructional videos. You can also buy from Dick Blick.

Add to Journal:

  • Final drypoint print and notes of process. Comment on successes and any “I wish I could have…”
  • Terms: Solar plate, proofs (AP, TP, EV)
  • Printmaker lookup: Jim Dine, Picasso

Thursday: Demo on plate tone with solar. Expose plates, print. Edition of 5.

Add to Journal: Solar plate process notes and your work process; Papermaking

Week 5 September 25, 27: Solar plate/Zinc etching

Tuesday: Papermaking demo;

Finish solar plate prints. Learning Journal link due….share via email.Class review of solar prints.

Thursday: Zinc demo: hard ground. Prep plates, polish, coat.
Demo of aquatint. Draw and etch plates.

Add to Journal:

  • Zinc etching process notes and your process
  • Terms: Mordant, hard ground, soft ground, types of etching acids, line etching, aquatint
  • Printmaker lookup: Goya, Kathe Kollwitz

Week 6 October 2, 4: Zinc etching

Tuesday: Work on plates. Edition of 10; Print a trial proof one on handmade paper sheet (mist to dampen, do not put in water tray or it will fall apart)

Thursday: Finish editions. Due Tuesday.

Add to Journal: Your final print with discussion of results

Week 7 October 9, 11: Zinc etching/Aquatint

Tuesday: Class review of etching editions. New project: No acid aquatint. 2 colors/2 plates

Thursday: More aquatint demo; Learning Journal due…update and share new link

Add to Journal: Aquatint process

Week 8 October 18:

Fall break on Tuesday, October 16

Thursday: 2 color registration process; print edition of 5

Week 9 October 23, 25 Aquatint/Collagraph

Tuesday: Finish printing editions

Thursday: Class review of aquatint editions. New project: collagraph

Week 10 October 30, November 1 Collagraph

Week 11 November 6, 8 Collagraph/Chin Colle

Week 12 November 13, 15 Mixed media

Week 13 20 and Thanksgiving

Week 14 November 27, 29 Mixed media

Week 15 December 4, 6 Mixed media

Spark Learning Journal due for final exam week